Yes, Really,
Low-Code SOAR

Current SOAR platforms are broken… like actually broken because no one has time to build connectors when there’s actual threats to stop. We founded Revelstoke to empower security teams with a smarter SOAR solution that actually makes life easier. Are we heroes? No, we’re just a group of security practitioners with decades of experience, who were tired of doing things the way they’ve always been done.

Train pulling into a station with scenic mountain backdrop
Revelstoke logo

Our name is inspired by Revelstoke, British Columbia, the Canadian town known for its awesome skiing and as the endpoint of the Canadian Pacific Railway. The town brings together some of our favorite things — from the feeling of freedom that comes with skiing to the incredible power and connectivity that drives efficient railway travel.

It’s a name well-suited to what we’ve built — a powerful platform that any security team can use to get where they want faster.

The Team

Some of the most experienced minds in security are driving the innovation behind our SOAR platform. After successful runs at leading security companies whose products you know and use today, we’ve all joined forces to do something truly different. You could say we’re the type of people who like to crack open a cold one and talk case management.

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