Principal Software Engineer

Our ideal Software Engineer will have at least some of the following skills:

  • Strong knowledge of NodeJS and Python
  • Deep knowledge of PostgreSQL deployment, tuning, optimization and clustering. Requires a minimum of 15 years of experience with this specific product, particularly in a cybersecurity setting.
  • Extensive working knowledge of SQL explain, query construction and data structure optimization.
  • Direct applicable experience in secure certificate management infrastructure, ideally with a per-client secure certificate management scheme.
  • Core Python contributor-level expertise
  • Ability and expertise with instrumenting and debugging fully distributed and containerized applications
  • Real-time web applications (Web Sockets / Queuing technologies)
  • Containerization technologies (Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Swagger / OpenAPI Initiative
  • Strong knowledge of design patterns and practices
  • Source Control – Github
  • Unit / Performance / Load Testing
  • Experience with Continuous Integration – Jenkins
  • Experience working in Agile Environments – ClickUp/Slack
  • Working knowledge of SAAS Architecture and Deployments – AWS/Google Cloud/etc
  • Must have experience in: Linux, Python, RabitMQ, Messaging Service Knowledge
  • Experience in operating in a Cloud environment and container knowledge
  • Working knowledge in Windows, and Mac OS X
  • Experience with network security and log analysis
  • Have experience defining and implementing Web APIs for internal and external usage
  • Have a technology-related bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience

Must Have:

  • Have a good sense of humor, enjoy working in an energetic, people- focused office
  • Enjoy an open and collaborative environment
  • Good at multi-tasking, but can also focus when needed
  • Work hard, play hard mentality while maintaining a healthy balance
  • Always be NICE!

Specific Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Engineer will perform design work on Revelstoke’s Data Server, including database schema design
  • Engineer will generate requirements for deployment of the Data Server component, including design requirements and deployment requirements
  • Engineer will design, build, test and deploy software used to maintain a cluster of Data Servers
  • Engineer will coordinate with Quality Assurance staff to provide both positive and negative test cases
  • Engineer will review other staff members’ work product as it relates to Data Server, specifically data queries, modifications and mutations
  • Engineer will provide documentation for any work product produced, including installation, maintenance and update tasks for consumption by other staff members
  • Engineer will cross-train other staff members in tools, techniques and platforms used to build and maintain Data Server
  • Engineer will assist with any debug tasks that call upon the Data Server product from other components within the Revelstoke Product
  • Engineer will provide performance monitoring


Open in the US

To apply, email: [email protected]