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This isn’t charades so we won’t pretend we’re your typical security company. We tackle big ideas. Face challenges head on. And yes, we celebrate accordingly (note: that typically involves beer). If you’re ready to challenge the status quo and transform SOAR as we know it, then we want to hear from you. Let’s go full steam ahead, together.

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Why We’re Here
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It’s not just because we wanted to create cool swag. We founded Revelstoke to help SOC teams reach their full potential. Inspired by a smarter way to SOAR, we show up every day ready to turn our imagination into real impact. Okay, the swag is cool too.

Want to join us?

Sh*t That Matters
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“Simple but sophisticated” is in.

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We can accomplish more together.

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There is always more to be discovered.

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The greatest risk is not taking any.

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Your best work is the work you love.

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Improvement is never over.

What our team says

Kate M., Project Manager

“I get to work with people who are the best at what they do in the office, but are also super interesting people outside too. It really makes every day worth it.”

Matt A., Director of Engineering

“I mean, where else am I going to get into the nuances of guitar pickups, and python scripts in the same convo.”

Meet Team Awesome

It’s one thing to be the best at what you do at work. But what makes the Revelstoke team truly unique is the amazing things we do outside the office. See us in action.

Learn. Grow. Brag to your friends.

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We provide health insurance to all eligible employees.

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Flex Time

We offer flexibility so employees can work where and how they want.

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Remote Work

We offer remote work opportunities, so you can make a difference from anywhere.

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We are committed to a responsible PTO and personal time policy.

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Professional Development

We encourage employees to participate in professional opportunities fully paid for by Revelstoke.

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Social Opportunities

We host in-person and virtual social gatherings including happy hours, learning events, holiday celebrations, and more.

Come on in, the SOAR’s fine

We’re looking for team members who like to SOAR hard and play harder. Come make a difference while working with some of the industry’s brightest minds.

Sales Development Representative

Location: Open in the US

Solutions Architect

Location: Open in the US

QA Engineer

Location: Open in the US

Backend Engineer

Location: Open in the US

Principal Software Engineer

Location: Open in the US