Revelstoke for MSSPs

In an increasingly crowded market, today’s MSSPs need a competitive advantage. Revelstoke gives you a more efficient, effective way to automate and orchestrate the security tools you need to protect your customers. You can work smarter, provide better protections, and improve your margins with Revelstoke SOAR.

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The MSSP Challenge

Skills shortages. A growing amount of data. Disparate toolsets. Reporting challenges. MSSPs are facing an increasing list of barriers. Unfortunately, current SOAR solutions have fallen short when it comes to helping MSSPs best serve their customers. Until now. Revelstoke is transforming how MSSPs work with customers by providing a simple and effective way to SOAR. With Revelstoke, you can use your existing stack to be more effective for your customers. Hunt threats, respond faster, coordinate workflows more efficiently, scale up easier. Our unified data layer helps you gain a competitive advantage over other MSSPs by reducing the manual labor involved in integrating clients’ systems.

Give Yourself a Competitive Edge.

How You Benefit
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Build A

From providing new market opportunities to guiding you with today’s best practices, we partner with MSSPs to help maximize business impact.

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Drive Your
Bottom Line

Save time and money by reducing mundane tasks, minimizing training effort and increasing analyst well-being.

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Build Customer

Increase customer satisfaction with a new kind of SOAR platform built specifically for your customers’ unique pain points.

Partner Success Story: CyberOne

Revelstoke is the preferred SOAR for CyberOne security, a leading cybersecurity company that improves the security capabilities of customers cost-effectively. While focused on services, CyberOne also resells best-of-breed products to provide a complete solution. Revelstoke is the only next generation Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) solution built on a Unified Data Layer that offers no-code automation and low-code customization. This makes Revelstoke an ideal solution that enables CyberOne to deliver greater value to its customers.

Revelstoke CyberOne Use Case

A SOAR Platform Built for MSSPs

Revelstoke enables you to deliver high quality services that put customer needs first. Enhance your visibility, automate mundane tasks, collaborate seamlessly with customers, easily prove your value — all while boosting your margins.

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Low-Code Playbooks

Automate common security processes and enable your team to get the job done — faster.

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Robust Case Management

Get complete control over security events from detection through detonation and beyond.

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Pre-Built Integrations

Pre-built integrations allow you to connect your entire stack in a few clicks.

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Dashboards And Reporting

Track your progress and prove your impact.

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Keep your margins on track and your customers happy
with a completely new SOAR platform.