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Revelstoke Announces New Integration with OpenAI ChatGPT, to Enhance Automation through AI

Revelstoke ChatGPT Integration Announcement

Revelstoke is the first security automation platform to create an integration with ChatGPT, leading the market in AI adoption

San Jose, CA, March 17, 2022Revelstoke Security, (Revelstoke) creators of the first Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platform built on a Unified Data Layer, announced that it has built the first ChatGPT integration for security automation. 

OpenAI’s ChatGPT artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm uses conversational interactions to enable commands, answer questions, identify mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests. Using the ChatGPT integration in Revelstoke, users can ask ChatGPT about any information they see within a case. Users can leverage ChatGPT directly from the case channel on the fly, and take advantage of intelligent indicator extraction from email content and other sources. Users are able to apply tags to an email for more thorough incident response investigation and documentation. 

The ChatGPT integration is the first of many planned features leveraging AI. Revelstoke is able to accelerate bringing this functionality to market due to the Unified Data Layer, which makes future, deeper AI capabilities possible, especially with ChatGPT4. With Revelstoke’s Unified Data Layer, training a private model is significantly easier than if there was no underlying data model in place.

“Revelstoke is the first security automation product to integrate with ChatGPT, which means our customers are the first to begin leveraging the power of AI within their security automation workflows”. Stated Revelstoke Co-Founder and CPO Josh McCarthy. “We’ve already solved for many of the challenges that slowed security operations teams down, but now we’re taking their abilities to the next level with targeted use of new AI technologies, further slashing response time and eliminating manual efforts.” 

The release of the ChatGPT integration comes on the heels of Revelstoke’s closing of a 20M Series B funding raise, and experiencing significant growth in the company’s first year in-market. With recent presence at Zero Day Con, numerous partnership announcements including with SentinelOne, Neskope, KnowB4 and others, the positive momentum continues. Revelstoke will be attending the 2023 RSAC conference in San Francisco. 


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