First-Gen SOAR is Dead
Long Live Next-Gen SOAR.

8 Reasons Why Next-Gen SOAR Will Rule the Day for Security Teams

SOAR has an opportunity to be great, but the first generation platforms didn’t really live up to the hype. In this interesting and totally entertaining eBook (not even kidding!), you’ll discover why First-Gen SOAR couldn’t deliver on its promises and learn the eight reasons why Next-Gen SOAR is the game-changing solution that security teams have been wishing and waiting for.

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Next Gen SOAR Whitepaper

Key Takeaways

  • Understand why first-gen SOAR falls short and what’s needed to to bridge the gaps.
  • Learn what Next-Gen SOAR actually is and why it’s different from traditional SOAR.
  • See how SOAR can be made radically simple and easy-to-use so teams can get more done.
  • Discover who’s behind the Next-Gen SOAR movement and why it’s a SOC gamechanger.
  • Learn how Next-Gen SOAR lets analysts automate security workflows without any code.
  • Discover how Next-Gen SOAR’s smart-yet-simple approach gives SOCs what they need.
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