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You can finally delete those apps because Revelstoke is the match you’ve been searching for. We can do things together that you’ve never been able to do on your own. Revelstoke can help your customers work smarter, faster and more efficiently than ever before. With Revelstoke, you can deliver greater value and better impact as a reseller. As a global alliance partner you work directly with our expert team to create an experience that maximizes your product’s capability and impact. Let’s do this.


Value Added Resellers
Global Alliance Partners
Value Added Resellers
Value Added Resellers

When it’s your job to design and implement security programs that really solve customers’ security challenges – whether it’s across operations or defense, it’s essential to find the right products to fill critical roles in the security stack.

With Revelstoke as your SOAR of choice, you’ll be providing customers with the first truly next-gen SOAR capability. We’re the only SOAR built on a unified data layer. We’re the only SOAR with security-focused case management out of the box. Your customers can code when they want, and not when they don’t. Best of all, as you look to create long-term value for customers, and build relationships that last, know that Revelstoke is the only future-proof SOAR on the market, with the ability to easily adapt to customer’s scale and requirements changes.

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Global Alliance Partners
Global Alliance Partners

Revelstoke is the only SOAR built on a Unified Data Layer – what that means is we can integrate with any product on the market today, and anything coming in the future. While we have pre-built many of the common integrations that our customers need, becoming a Global Alliance Partner enables you to have a two-way integration between our technology, our workflows, and our customer network.

When we set out to build Revelstoke, it was because we had done things the hard way in the past. Building integrations used to take tons of development time and manual labor, and even then, the more complex code was prone to break. Revelstoke’s Unified Data Layer turns this process on its head, making integration a faster and more streamlined process. So you have quicker time to realizing value, faster delivery for your customers, and the ability to easily scale together as your product evolves.

This is your chance to unlock the full potential of next-gen SOAR to enhance your product’s impact. Contact us to learn more.

Partner Success Story: CyberOne

Revelstoke is the preferred SOAR for CyberOne security, a leading cybersecurity company that improves the security capabilities of customers cost-effectively. While focused on services, CyberOne also resells best-of-breed products to provide a complete solution. Revelstoke is the only next generation Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) solution built on a Unified Data Layer that offers no-code automation and low-code customization. This makes Revelstoke an ideal solution that enables CyberOne to deliver greater value to its customers.

Revelstoke CyberOne Use Case

Partner Success Story: Tevora

If you haven’t heard of Tevora, it’s because they’ve done their job. A specialized management consulting firm focused on cybersecurity, Tevora partners with Revelstoke because they need a SOAR that does as much as they do, easily and without friction. They cover it all with a wide range of end-to-end solutions to their customers — from compliance, privacy, and other cyber consulting to hands-on penetration testing, incident response, and cloud security. Revelstoke’s scale and quantitative business value focus are key in helping them demonstrate clear ROI to their customers.

Partner Success Story: Smarttech247

Smarttech247 is a multi-award-winning Managed Detection & Response (MDR) company and a market leader in Security Operations. Revelstoke’s Next Level SOAR platform, enables Smarttech247 to automate threat detection, vulnerability management, and incident response to better protect their customers 24/7. Smarttech247 and Revelstoke have formed a winning partnership that delivers immediate value to both the MDR and its customers.

Partner Success Story: NaviLogic

It’s a pleasure to be the go-to SOAR for the passionate professionals at NaviLogic. Their expert services are laser-focused on information security and bringing innovative solutions to light. Through a robust wheelhouse of services, including security architecture, design, integration, implementation, and managed services, they help automate processes, optimize workflows, and provide insight to manage risk in any complexity. Revelstoke’s Security Automation Platform on a unified data layer with best-of-breed security automation lets NaviLogic run more efficient security operations and tailor programs precisely to their needs with the ability to integrate disparate systems.

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