Don’t Be left “SORE” without Case Management

Don't be left SORE without Case Management

Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) products automate security operations center (SOC) processes and procedures through orchestration.

SOAR collects and translates data while taking actions and making decisions on the aggregated data. While doing this, it only makes sense to store all the data, actions, and conclusions in a focal point such as case management for SOC personnel to take action and record what has transpired. Exporting this data to external applications causes unnecessary complexity and manual processes, negating many of SOAR’s core benefits.

Without case management, you’re going to be left sore.

Revelstoke’s intuitive Case Actions encourage analysts to focus on the next available step in the Incident response workflow. Incident response is an integral function within the core of the SOC. Lack of consistency in the execution of incident response can lead to inconsistent metrics and non-repeatable, ineffective practices in the SOC. Maintaining incident response integrity and consistency allows SOCs to maintain service delivery consistency.

And, don’t forget the need for a forensically sound audit log to ensure the investigation’s integrity. Revelstoke’s Case Actions Timeline allows users to track all activity against case artifacts relevant to the investigation; and, ultimately, legal review in the court of law. With a robust accounting of all actions taken against evidence in a given case, analysts can discern the best course of action to contain, remediate, and respond to new and emerging threats.  

Analysts are swamped; we know it. They don’t have the bandwidth to go hunting for incident status. That’s why Revelstoke offers intelligently designed widgets, dynamically populated with the latest information from the Unified Data Layer. The General information area keeps analysts informed of the latest case management-related information. The dynamic Case Category Specific Layout is intended to analysts the most critical and relevant alert information. This encourages a quick and accurate response to a given threat with little room for error in interpreting the results of the workflow’s given output.

You can have the greatest technical tools, but challenges will remain without clear communication – internally and externally. Revelstoke case management includes an advanced, flexible multi-purpose component called the Case Channel. The Case Channel allows users to interact with other case contributors, send messages referencing those users or even create case actions for those users.   Additionally, adding case-level notes to the Case Channel extends this interface and allows users to review and interact with all case-level communication in one location.

All SOAR platforms are not created equal.

Most offer a little automation. We offer a lot of automation.

Most offer little to no case management. We offer end-to-end case management.

It’s pretty simple; if you don’t have end-to-end case management capabilities in your SOAR, it isn’t Revelstoke, and it sure isn’t SOAR 2.0.

Discover the Difference

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