Revelstoke + PagerDuty: Smarter, Faster Incident Response

Revelstoke and PagerDuty logos next to a laptop and man smiling


At Revelstoke, we’re all about making life more efficient in the SOC. That’s why we’re incredibly excited to announce our partnership with PagerDuty, a global leader in digital operations management. With Revelstoke and PagerDuty, security teams can streamline operations, and automate incident response workflows, to become more efficient and more effective at defending their organization.

What customers can do

With Revelstoke and PagerDuty, customers can build workflows against incidents in PagerDuty and pull the contextual information from those workflows back into the PagerDuty incident automatically. This means better data, richer context, and easy collaboration across security teams. With Revelstoke’s intuitive Kanban UI, there’s almost no training time needed for current PagerDuty users – the workflow builder is obvious right out of the box. Add in security performance metrics, and PagerDuty users get a new and comprehensive way to report the cost savings of automation and document the operational efficiencies that the security team gains. 

Find out more about how to set up the integration here.

How it was possible

We built out the PagerDuty integration in record time thanks to Revelstoke’s Unified Data Layer (UDL). The UDL is our proprietary data model, it functions like train tracks that standardize the method and dimensions of travel for all data types, in and out. This means that the PagerDuty integration is seamless and deploys without disruption to your current workflows in Revelstoke. Likewise, adding Revelstoke into existing PagerDuty workflows is plug and play, without downtime or the need to retrofit any of the processes you already depend on.

The bottom line

With the two of us working together, we bring Security into the Digital Operations arena. Together, we can simply operate better. This partnership generates better value for customers and solidifies the essential nature of our combined platforms within security and digital operations.

Interested in learning more?

Contact a member of the Revelstoke team to learn more about the benefits of the PagerDuty & Revelstoke solution, to get the most from both tools. Drop us a line online, or email [email protected] for more details and a demo.