Dave Mckinley

Chief Technology Officer

Dave is an influential, self-driven startup specialist with 20+ years of executive experience in the high-tech industry. As Chief Technology Officer of Revelstoke, Dave brings his expertise in technology, automation and cybersecurity to create a revolutionary new approach to Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR). Dave holds multiple patents in automation technologies and has contributed to the development and engineering of Revelstoke’s Unified Data Layer, the technology that underpins Revelstoke’s low-code capability, and enables fast and seamless integrations.

Prior to Revelstoke, Dave held Chief Technology Officer and Chief Product Officer roles at BlackCloak, Whipper, and Oopmh along with strategic advisory roles with many companies. As a leader, Dave builds skillful and empowered teams, and fosters strong bonds with clients and partners alike. In addition, Dave is a captivating spokesperson skilled at targeting the audience and entertaining with humor.

Outside the office (and sometimes inside), Dave is an accomplished musician, able to play more than a dozen instruments across various genres and styles.

Education credentials

BA, Music, Wheaton College MA

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