Release Notes

Revelstoke Interface V2 Features, Updates, and Improvements

Revelstoke’s user interface team has been building a new and improved front end experience for our product. We’re extremely proud of what they’ve come up with, and the hard work they’ve put in!

Below please find some of the improvements you’ll see.

Streamlined Dashboard

The new Dashboard experience presents cases, integrations and activity in a clean and straightforward fashion. Users get the most important information up front- integrations, active cases, and active workflows.

System Communications Performance Improvements

Some of the improvements you’ll find are behind the scenes; the new front end stack is more compact in its communication with the back end server. This means that the user interface loads data less frequently, resulting in a snappier experience for the user.

Workflow Editor Experience

The new workflow editor offers a consolidated interface, with one major change in the Dashboard for now- the drag and drop functionality between “stages” of the workflow has been eliminated pending the activation of RBAC and the integration selection functionality associated with the Development/Testing/Production flows. The functionality still exists within the modal view shown below, but we will still need to integrate RBAC and integration choice to make it fully functional.

Sub-workflows are clearly identified, and last edited timestamps are shown on the console.

Common workflow management tasks are shown up-front, including naming, duplication, tagging and categorization. 

Items of note on the main workflow editor screen include quick search for commands. This is a free-text search that allows fast access to commands by name or category, and with our growing library of integrations and commands this is a must-have.

The editor itself now resizes itself in a more dynamic and responsive fashion, showing all of the action columns on screen at once.

Sub-Workflow Designer

Sub-Workflows allow the analyst to create a repeatable process that can be re-used across multiple workflows. For example, if there is a common account lockdown procedure across multiple alert types, a sub-workflow allows this functionality to be created once and used in multiple locations.

Since Sub-Workflows are imported into their parent workflows by dragging in a single card, the interface has been redesigned into a single column. This provides a clear visual indicator of the nature of the flow, and also provides a better logical representation of how the sub-workflow will be run when it is imported.

Case Management

The new Case Management console allows at-a-glance access to all active cases. This console now includes functional quick search, pagination and sorting.


Our new Integration Management Console features searching and sorting of active integration instances. We support multiple instances of a single integration type, multiple integrations within a given category such as endpoint solutions, and multiple integrations feeding a single unified workflow if desired.

Combining multiple integration configuration options with modular sub-workflows offers a significant improvement in convenience and power.

Integration Management Console 1 – Integrations Home

Integration Management Console 2 – Integration Search

Add Integrations 1

Common Data Viewer

Convenient access to the Common Data Object is provided in the Case Details view. From here, you can review all of the entities associated with the current case, and drill down into specific and relevant data required to work through a case.

Raw Data Viewer

If you need to do a deep dive into every piece of data associated with a case, Revelstoke provides a tree view containing all data associated with the case.

Entity Search

We now offer the ability to search the entire Revelstoke UDL data store for common entitles between cases and incidents. This means that as alerts flow into cases, you can discover cases that are similar, or that have similar indicators. 

For example, if a user’s laptop downloaded malware from a specific IP address, you can now locate other cases within the system that reference that same IP address, user, device or any other data point across your Revelstoke deployment. Since we maintain our case list over time, you can easily discover repeat offenders or opportunities for new process and procedure within the environment.

User Preferences

We now offer Dark Mode and Light Mode!