Integration Notes

Revelstoke + Recorded Future Integration

How It Works

Revelstoke automates the retrieval of analysis reports and reputations for IPs, URLs, Domains, and File Hashes through Recorded Future APIs.


  1. Base URL of API Platform
  2. API Token


If you need any help getting the Recorded Future up and running, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email at [email protected].

Integration Walkthrough­­

In Recorded Future

Revelstoke integrates with Recorded Future with…
Settings > API Management > Create API Secret Key

In Revelstoke

  1. In your Revelstoke account, navigate to the Integrations page 
  1. Select Add Integration Instance
  2. Select the Recorded Future integration

  • Enter the following required fields:
  • Name
  • Base URL of API Platform
  • API Token
  • Select Enabled checkbox
  • Click Save

To Remove Recorded Future Integration

  • Select Trash Can icon in the Integrations List
  • Select Yes, delete